5 St. Patrick’s Day Events in Fort Worth, TX

St. Patrick’s Day events


There are many different St. Patrick’s Day events out there for all ages. Plan to attend any one of these fun festivities in the Fort Worth area.

Run for my Gold Virtual 5K

Ever wanted to run a marathon on St. Patrick’s Day? Now you can. Fort Worth invites you to put on your best green outfit and run or walk your way to the finish line. The best part is that it’s a virtual run, so you can do it by yourself—or even just at home.

Shannon Brewing Company’s St. Patrick’s Day Festival

Every year, Shannon Brewing Company saves many of their seasonal beers just for this special event. Featuring live music, delicious barbecue, and trivia, this St. Patrick’s Day festival is sure to be fun.

McKinney St. Patrick’s Day Festival

Just because this event takes place at Tupps Brewery in the historic cotton mill doesn’t mean it’s not family-friendly. All ages are welcome to enjoy the 50 local artisans and vendors, live music, kids’ play zone, and even a dunk tank.

Day Ja Vu St. Patrick’s Day Edition at Stars & Spirits

Head to this bar and hookah lounge for a more relaxed St. Patrick’s Day party with an upscale vibe.

St. Patrick’s Day Painting Workshop

Get creative with mixed media this St. Patrick’s Day, with this painting workshop rounding off our list of St. Patrick’s Day events.

For even more ideas for local events to celebrate this holiday, call us at Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet. We’ll be happy to share our suggestions!

Start the New Year Right with Resolutions for Car Owners

Resolutions for Car Owners

While it’s a popular practice to forge new goals to pursue in the new year, it’s uncommon to set ambitions for your auto and your driving habits. However, we think that every auto owner could benefit from these types of changes, to increase their driving pleasure and prolong the life of their vehicle. Here are some auto-related New Year’s resolutions to get you started.

  1. Plan ahead: Regularly maintaining your car is the best thing you can do to help prevent serious problems with the engine and parts. Make a habit of keeping up with oil changes, checking your tire pressure, and reading your owner’s manual, to help your vehicle stay in peak condition.
  2. Stop idling around: Leaving your car’s engine on, while it is idling, can harm your car. It burns through gas unnecessarily and increases overall carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, you should avoid warming your car for long periods of time.
  3. Be fuel-efficient: Save money at the pump by adopting fuel-efficient driving habits like using cruise control and adhering to the speed limit.

Incorporate some of these healthy maintenance and driving habits to enjoy the safest year yet. Happy New Year from all of us here at Bruce Lowrie Chevrolet!